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Page Park Concert Info

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Date: Sunday 18th September

Venue: Page Park

The forecast is looking dry, but if that changes and we need to cancel I will let each band committee know by email by lunchtime on Saturday at the latest.

Timings are set out below. Please encourage band members to stay on to support the other bands.

Seating will be provided for musicians whilst performing but no seating for audience members, so please bring your own chairs / picnic blankets etc. Bring your own stands.

There is no on-site parking (we have access for one car only and that will be Catherine H’s car). Parking is on residential roads nearby – please ask band members to be respectful of residents when parking. There is the possibility of football matches being played at Page Park on Sunday, so parking may be busy - please leave plenty of time to park and set-up.

A reminder that we are using Catherine’s drum kit for all bands – there won’t be time to set up other kit between performances.

There is not sufficient space on the bandstand for a full band. I suggest percussion & bass guitars on the band stand (and possibly other bass instruments) and everyone else directly in front of the band stand. Please ask band members to leave instrument cases/large bags on the grass with other AWBA members whilst performing, to reduce trip hazards in the playing area.

I have been asked to pass on the message that no fires / BBQs are allowed in Page Park.

If anyone knows someone who is attending and who has a current first aid qualification, please let me know.

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